Standup #003: Tá Gaeilge Agam ☘️

This post is part of my weekly standup series where I share updates about the things I’m learning or projects I’m working on. I’m an autodidact with ADHD and writing this series is a way for me to overcome its challenges and keep myself accountable.

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  • I had the flu two weeks ago and still feel fatigued
  • Launched the book crowdfunding campaign & 4 publishers are interested!
  • Planning my trip to Ireland
  • Designing my tattoo
  • Highs/Lows

Is there a doctor in the house?

I had the flu a couple of weeks ago and still feel like 💩. Tomorrow will be my first day back at the gym, which is good since I’m still weak af and don’t want to fall behind. Getting back into my normal routine should help my energy levels.

Book campaign launched!

Officially launched the campaign and am now halfway through with only 13 days left.

So far I have sold 33 pre-orders of the book, “I’m Not an Expert, Yet,” and 4 publishers are interested in working with me.

If you’d like to support my project and access exclusive perks, check out the Publishizer crowdfunding page.

Tá mé ag dul abhaile

I’m going home” in Irish ☘️

I’m visiting Ireland from September 6-26 in the Galway region. I’ll be celebrating my late grandmother’s and my birthdays while I’m there. TBD on what the plan is.

I want to meet with as many people as I can and learn about what people are working on.

New ink!

I’m moving ahead with finishing my sleeve! I found a tattoo shop in the UK that specializes in Nordic and Celtic designs, which is important. You don’t put runes in Celtic art 😉

I love their style and think they would do a great job with my tattoo. Here are some examples of their work:

Highs 👍🏻

  • Launched the book and have some interest. The goal is to share how I manage my ADHD and get stuff done. It means a lot to have people supporting the project!
  • My work had a company event doing river rafting in Northern California. We had a blast! 🛶
  • My new passport came in which means I have everything I need for my trip to Ireland.
  • Every week my family does a check-in together to see how things are going and what we want to get done that week. I set up Asana to track everything and am pretty happy with the organization. I’ll be writing posts about how I set it up in the future.

Lows 👎🏻

  • I was sick and it affected my performance at work. They are awesome and really understanding. I have a high bar for myself and need to be more mindful.
  • My body is still recovering from being sick. On the company river trip, I was super tired. It was 100℉ (37.78 ℃) and was struggling to stay awake.
  • I haven’t been to the gym or recorded a video for my Youtube in two weeks 🙁