Standup #002: New name, who dis? πŸ‘€

This post is part of my weekly standup series where I share updates about the things I’m learning or projects I’m working on. I’m an autodidact with ADHD and writing this series is a way for me to overcome its challenges and keep myself accountable.

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  • Changed my name recently and I need to file with different US gov’t agencies Jump to update
  • Created a trailer for my book’s crowdsource campaign Jump to update
  • I started recording a video version of these weekly updates to post on my youtube channel Jump to update
  • I’m working on my first WordPress plugin Jump to update

New name!

My name is (now) Cameron Mykolangelo Ywain Klemme! πŸŽ‰

I’m pretty excited about my new name and it’s something I have been working on for a long time. I’m a design nerd, so having “CMYK” as my initials is hella cool.

My plan is to still go by “Myk” but use the new name for my personal brand. The book will be published under CMYK on the cover and fully spelled out on the inside cover.

Book trailer & launch prep

A trailer I created for my book’s crowdfunding campaign.

The crowdfunding campaign for my book about growing up with ADHD starts on August 1st. It works similar to Kickstarter with different tiers and perks when you purchase pre-orders. If you support the project and contribute at the higher levels, I’ll donate copies to non-profits like CHADD.

I am still learning video production but I’m happy overall with the result. I look sweaty and might reshoot the trailer if I have time! I need to create versions for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

YouTube updates

Officially starting my weekly standup series again and recapped the last six months

Recorded my first “weekly” update in six months! A lot has happened since Feb, and I’m excited to get back into a routine with posting these.

In my recent update, I share

  • My trip to Saudi Arabia
  • Passing of two family members
  • Started a new job as Senior Software Engineer
  • Writing a book about growing up with and conquering my ADHD
  • Snack of the week!
  • My new (legal) name
  • My plan for this series & how we can make them better

That’s it for my updates this week. See you next Sunday! πŸ‘‹

My first WordPress plugin

I’m creating a WordPress plugin to help manage my library of books and resources. One of the problems I have is I forget which books I have and it would be nice to see a organized list of my collection.

Since my mum also has an extensive library, we thought it would be cool to be able to check-out books from other WordPress sites. This would mean if there was a design or business book that she wanted, she could go to my site and request it.

Here’s our wishlist:

  • We would like to be able to borrow a book from a friend’s library
  • We would like to be able to see all the books borrowed by a friend or which ones we are borrowing
  • We would like to be able to browse and search our library of books
  • We would like to be able to organize books into lists or with tags

The idea is to offer this using an API on Invisible Hat Ventures which stores all the relationships and uses a plugin to sync that data to a local WordPress site.