Standup #001: Hello World 👋

This post is part of my weekly standup series where I share updates about the things I’m learning or projects I’m working on. I’m an autodidact with ADHD and writing this series is a way for me to overcome its challenges and keep myself accountable.

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  • Starting a new blog (this one)
  • Writing a book
  • Finished background for youtube videos

WordPress is 😍 but Php is 🤬

I started coding in third grade (~ age 9) and WordPress was the first framework I settled into. I could write simple loops and create custom posts to build small business websites.

It’s hella nostalgic to be working on it again to start a WordPress blog. Although, now that I’ve worked with other languages like Ruby I can understand why I had trouble understanding it in the past.

One of my first major projects planned for WordPress is writing a plugin to sync data out into a rails app. I really like the idea of using WordPress as a CMS then use Rails to either render the html or just act as an api.

I’ve also talked to my mum about starting a WordPress site for herself.

Writing a book about ADD/ADHD ✍️

My superpowers are coming up with ideas and learning so I’m excited to share my experience growing up as an autodidact with ADD. I’ve shared the current outline of the themes and topics I hope to cover. People with ADD/ADHD have extra trouble staying focused on the things that matter, but the lessons apply to everyone.

Lights, Camera, Action 📹

I started tried doing a weekly series on my youtube channel where I shared informational videos covering the things I was learning. Doing everything needed to create a video & learn new things was pretty challenging! (Which explains the last upload being 3 months ago. 😂)

Now that my background is done, I can get a wider shot of my home office and have an easier time setting everything up to record videos.

A wallpaper sticker of the famous "Lenin Wall" in Prague, which I painted more art onto. It's hella sick!
My new background for recording youtube videos! This was a wallpaper sticker of the Lennon Wall in Prague which I bought from amazon. I’ve been painting more art on it over the last two weeks.