“I’m Not an Expert, Yet”–I’m Writing a Book About Living With ADHD

I thought it would be fun to write a book about my experience growing up with ADD, so when someone reached out to see if I would be interested in publishing one I accepted the challenge.

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The sky is open to those with wings

This is a chance for me to reflect on my journey to harness my learning disability and share any insights and lessons. If you’re not familiar with what ADD/ADHD is, check out the CDC’s resource page for more information.

Some of the themes I’ll cover include:

  • Creating a plan for learning new things
  • Staying focused & motivated
  • Handling failure & celebrating success
  • Working with others & their styles

I’ll be sharing updates as the book comes together!

The Chapters

This is the current outline for the book. Some topics might be added or removed as the manuscript is developed.

Chapter 1: Living with ADD

  • What is ADD / ADHD?
  • Typical symptoms & challenges
  • Famous people with ADD
  • Working with other people’s style

Chapter 2: Discover your passion

  • Exploring & learning new things
  • Building on previous knowledge
  • Brainstorming-as-a-hobby
  • Mindfulness-as-a-strategy
  • Preventing burnout while maintaining focus

Chapter 3: Staying on track

  • Define your schedule
  • Set realistic goals
  • Measuring progress
  • Keeping yourself accountable

Chapter 4: Handling failure

  • Making your first pancake (typical learning process)
  • Typical design process
  • Celebrate every failure as an opportunity to grow
  • Love the process

Chapter 5: Never stop learning

  • Share what you know
  • Learning from others
  • Finding your flow
  • Become a better student

Chapter 6: The Challenge

  • 50-week challenge overview (phases & breaks)
  • My challenge details as an example
  • Sharing your updates